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Author Topic: Quad Core Users FSX  (Read 2617 times)


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Quad Core Users FSX
« on: June 07, 2011, 08:44:21 pm »
Hi All,

Came across this nugget at the weekend and thought I'd share ;D

If your using a Quad Core machine FSX will not automatically use all cores,so you have to add this to the fsx cfg:


Many of you may have known this already(I did). What is important here is the number(14). I had mine set to 15 as advised in some forums and publications. Setting to 15 uses 4 cores so FSX starts on core 1, however setting it to 14 starts FSX on core 2 which means it dosen't have to fight with the operating system and other processes, thus giving it a clear(ish) core to start on. Hope this makes sense. I have seen a good improvement using this.


cfg can be found here on my machine: